Clothing & Resource Center

With the hard work and expertise of Mom’s on a Mission a clothing and resource center was started to benefit children in need living in the Monadnock Area.
The Clothing & Resource Center was set up by Mom’s on a Mission to help foster children in the Monadnock Region and to extend to other children as well in the community that need help with clothing and supplies. The Monadnock Area Foster Parent Association and specifically Bernie and Charlene Beaulieu have been appointed to oversee the resource center.
To date the Clothing & Resource Center has helped with clothing, shoes, and winter weather needs of foster, adopted, relative and homeless children in the area.
The Clothing and Resource Center has loaned cribs and bassinets, car and booster seats, strollers and high chairs to foster parents. They have also provided diaper bags and back packs to children in care.